Mercury Challenge

Competition Date: April 21, 2018

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Download the 2018 Mercury Challenge Manual rev. 3

2018 Track Pack rev. 3

The Track Pack contains an STL model of the Delivery Zone, dimensions of the Track and all objects on the Field, and SOLIDWORKS 2017 models of the Field. An EASM file that contains a model of the Field is included if SOLIDWORKS 2017 is not available. The SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Viewer is a free utility that can be used to open this file.

The Mercury Remote Robot Challenge is an international, interscholastic robotics competition. Each year, Mercury Robotics challenges competitors to design and build a robot capable of performing a mission. The robot must be operated remotely over the Internet from at least 50 miles away. This presents an interesting engineering challenge in which electrical and mechanical design, embedded programming, wireless communication, and latency all play a large role.